Tyranny of Dragons

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This campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms of Toril, on the continent Faerûn. The player's start in the city of Retsum, a small town in the greenfields, where a seemingly inocuous halfling named Marlak recruits adventurers for his research. The adventuring party soon finds themselves in the middle of a power grab by the cult of the dragon, which they unknowingly supported by taking a job from Marlak. The cult is one of the many entities across the lands trying to return to their former power and glory. Many other rebellions and uprisings take place simultaneously, for example along the sword coast or in Thay. Faerûn currently sees an extended period of peace between most kingdoms and empires, but this shall change soon, as many political entities loom in the shadows, awaiting their opportunity to either take over power from their enemies or plunge the whole continent into chaos. As the various peoples of Faerûn squabble over land and money, the gods also make their plans trying to shift their realms of influence and extending their reach either by virtuous or evil means.

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